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Important Steps for Carpet Care


1. Soil Prevention

 Soiling is a build up of soil particles and oily materials that cling to fibers and dull their beauty. Soiling is the primary reason carpet must be cleaned. Thus , soil prevention is a major factor in carpet care and maintenance.
Walk-off and soil trap mats help reduce soiling. Clean them often. Rotate them frequently to maintain a clean carpet in high traffic areas.

2. Vacuuming 

 Thorough and frequent vacuuming will help maintain original carpet appearance and prolong carpet life. Analyze the traffic flow in your home or facility. Isolate high traffic areas.
Vacuum these areas daily. Medium and low traffic areas require less vacuuming.

3. Spot Removal

Monitor your carpet for spots  often. When possible, spot removal should occur at the time the spot is found.

4. Traffic lane maintenance 

High traffic areas require thorough cleaning on a regular basis due to traffic flow and soiling conditions.

5. Overall Cleaning

Perform thorough overall cleaning on a periodic basis, as needed. (for example; quarterly, biannually, annually). 


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One thing we been noticing are burn marks on carpets , this we see mostly on low pile carpets that use upright vacuums.

Left running still with the brush turning for a period of time will most likely burn the carpet fibers.



Along with regular vacuuming of your carpets don't forget the edges, you can use the tool wand along with the brush attachment to help loosen the dirt. This will help prevent the edges of your carpets from discoloring, especially noticeable on white carpets.

New Service


Resilient Floors

VCT - Vinyl Composition Tile. Sheet Vinyl, Linoleum & Others.

We can help care for your resilient floors.

Initial cleaning and preparation of new floors.

Establish a floor maintenance program.

Perform restorative stripping/cleaning & finishing, burnishing ( buffing ) when necessary.

Protect and keep them looking like new.



Service Offered

Are you selling, buying, renting a house, apartment, or office.
We are here to help you clean it.
Floor cleaning, carpets, tile,vinyl, linoleum and others.
Upholstery, office furniture, couches, love seats, chairs.
Washable walls, ceilings, doors and trim, bathrooms,light fixtures, ceiling fans, refrigerators, ovens, cabinets,sinks.
Windows, storefront, office, tilt in.
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Phenomenal job, you will definitely be back next year ( local library administer )

Rick thank you for cleaning our carpets they look like new. ( local office executive assistant )

He is meticulous and conscientious in his work and the end product certainly reflects this effort, Thanks for a job well done. 

( church deacon chair )

Great job! Everything looked awesome!!  ( local cafe owner )

You did the best job we have ever had, for our carpet cleaning.  ( local home owner )

Great job I will be calling you for future cleaning.  ( local dentist )

Thanks again Rick for a job well done. ( local dentist )

The studio looks great! (local yoga studio )

Amazing & awesome work - every time!  (local director of continuing education )

Thanks for another fantastic job!! carpets look new again. Love the new logo too. ( local home owner )

We appreciate your efforts and prompt response. Thank you.  ( local church )

Carpets look great !! you rock ! will try to keep them clean.  ( local cafe owner )

Appreciate the quick service  ( local business marketing executive )

Carpets look really good.  ( local restaurant owner )

Great job thanks ( local home owner )